Over the last several months, inspiring protests have taken place all over the country. Lots of individuals and members of social justice organizations began organizing and doing amazing activism dressed in the iconic handmaid(s) costume from “The Handmaid’s Tale.” We’ve heard from people across the country who want to do the same.

We want to help make it easier to create these amazing handmaid(s) protests. We’ll help you plan an event, we’ll give you toolkits and guides on how to pull it off, we can help you find a costume or offer tips for how to make your own. You can register your events here, share them easily to social media, and we can even help you get more people to show up to your event. We just want to help!

What is “The Handmaid’s Tale?”

“The Handmaid’s Tale” is a 1985 dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood. It is set in a near-future New England after extremists have overthrown the U.S. government. The result is a country where human rights are severely limited and women’s right are even further curtailed. The book has been adapted into a film, opera, and TV series.

It is the “The Handmaid’s Tale” TV series, in particular, that has served as an inspiration to activists across the country. The release of the TV series has resonated strongly with viewers as they see parallels between the society depicted in “The Handmaid’s Tale” and what is currently happening in our country.

While “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a powerful story that has inspired many women to resist the Trump administration and other anti-woman politicians, it is not without its shortcomings. One major problem is both the book and TV series fail to take into account issues of race and racism.


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